ACHSKNYE: Into the Mystic — Seeing in the Dark

By: JUBILEE! Minister Candace Chellew-Hodge

In our Jesus story (Luke 21:29-33), we encounter a story that the traditional Christian church has used as proof that one day, Jesus will come back. As a good Southern Baptist kid, I believed in what they call The Second Coming. The story is terrifying — the moon turns to blood and Jesus descends from the clouds on his white steed, fiery sword in hand ready to cut down the infidels and resurrect the faithful into eternal glory.

All this from a guy we tend to call The Prince of Peace. Sounds more like what our modern day terrorists are promising to do to the world.

Jesus says just as fig trees sprouting leaves heralds the return of summer, so will all these signs of terror herald the return of Jesus, because they all mean “the kingdom of God is near.” But, when Jesus talks about the kingdom of God, he’s not talking about some sort of apocalyptic bloodbath where the infidels are slain and the faithful lifted up.

For Jesus, the kingdom of God is not some physical place, but instead, it’s an experience of God’s presence. What Jesus is saying is this: When times seem the most dark and dangerous is when God is most present. Which seems paradoxical to us, because in the darkest times, whether it’s personal or global, we tend to experience God as absent, or at least distant.

That’s because, Jesus is saying in this passage, we haven’t yet developed the infinite, mystic eyesight we need to see clearly in these dark times. Instead of putting our faith in these earthly things we can see so clearly like governments, law enforcement, coalitions and any other worldly thing that gives us a false sense of security, Jesus calls us to look to the one thing that never dies — that divinity that resides in each of us.

Things of this world will pass away, but the logos, the incarnate word of God that lives within each of us, never dies. This divinity goes on to infinity and beyond. We are always united with the Holy, whether we are in this body or out of this body.

The dark matter that swirls in, through and around us is eternal — it is what creates and destroys worlds — and when it collides with our humanity, it produces a brilliant light — the astonishing light of your own being. Those Holy gamma rays, which are the most energetic form of light, manifests itself as each of us.

When we understand the astonishing light of our own being, then our eyes are opened and we can see eternity through infinite eyes. Breathe deeply.

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