AHSCKNYE: Miracles — Miracle of Trust

By Jubilee! Minister Candace Chellew-Hodge

Our ancient Hebrew cousins certainly had their faithless moments. The scriptures are packed with stories of their lapses — worshiping golden calves, chasing after the gods of other lands and generally giving God the finger over and over again.

They would do whatever it took to not feel vulnerable … to find a god or gods outside themselves they could trust to protect them. Every single time, those gods let them down. But, feeling vulnerable keeps us in pain and fear, and that’s the ego’s stock and trade, so it has an interest in seeing you invest your trust in things that will ultimately fail so it can keep in that place of fear and pain.

But, for those who have grown weary of feeling scared and vulnerable, the psalmist brings good news (Psalm 37:1-6). When we put our trust our True Selves, that divinity that lives within each of us, we will never have to feel vulnerable and afraid of this outer world again.

What it requires, however, is being vulnerable with God. But, this kind of vulnerability doesn’t leave us powerless. Instead, being vulnerable with God means being teachable and trusting that the divinity within us will guide us to begin seeing miracles all around us.

So, the steps are these. First, the psalmist says, trust, which means to have confidence, to feel safe and carefree.

Secondly, we are instructed to “take delight,” which means to be merry and see our lives as enjoyable. Thirdly, we are to “commit” ourselves to God. I love this Hebrew word “gah-lel” — because it means “to wallow.”

What God invites us to do is throw a little trust party where we can feel safe, carefree, be delighted and wallow in the blessings of the Holy.

If we do this, if we liken our trust in God to children delightedly wallowing in a pile of leaves, God says we will “live in the land” … a Hebrew phrase that means we will enter the land of the living — that True Self – where we can be fed with the Spirit and enjoy eternal security. You will have the desires of your heart, God promises, which literally means you will be connected to your true self, that soul we all possess.

If we trust, God will act … God will bring us into the land of the living where we can connect with our true self and be made forever safe and secure. Will people still betray our trust, abandon us and hurt us? Yes, but when we can tame the ego, we can see through all that betrayal and pain and see the other person as God sees them, blameless, beautiful and loved.

Does that mean we should just trust everyone willy-nilly? Of course not. We still must use our best judgment when dealing with people and situations. What it means is that we can never go wrong when we invest our trust in God to use all situations, even betrayal and pain, to bring about true justice in our lives, because God can vindicate, or make every situation one that benefits us, when we trust in the wisdom of our True Self.

Breathe deeply.

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  1. Tammy Ricks said,

    Is there any place to worship and fellowship like this near Augusta, GA.?
    I’m actually from Dublin but I am working near Augusta.
    I am from a Spirit filled church and family. Called to minister at the age of 4, I am 50 years old. Although I have been through school, a graduate and charter class member of Roberts Liardon’s, Spirit Life Bible College, I have spoken as a guest a few times, done a little prison ministry, and went on a mission trip, most of my time has been working a secular job, construction for the past 10 years, I never stepped fully into ministry for fear of man because of 1st my gender and then my orientation. (I failed grammar with run on sentences.)
    After having spent years trying to pray the gay away or die,
    Beyond my imagination I was sent a gift from the heavenlies in female human form.
    After a year of asking, “Is this really You God?” A year of questions, seeking what I thought I already knew, I accepted beyond my wildest dreams that I could have love and be loved here on earth, in this world, in my lifetime, not only in the spiritual, or the soul, but in the physical, in the natural.
    So now I am looking for that place that truly seeks after God with all of their heart, knows the power thereof, that it is not just a theology or intellectual or emotional place of being, but it is truly supernatural and powerful to be hooked up with the All knowing all powerful God.
    I’m looking for a place.

  2. cchellew said,

    Tammy, you might look into Church of Our Redeemer in Augusta. I’ve preached there before and they might fit the bill for you!


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