AHSCKNYE: Into the Mystic — Mystical Presence

By: JUBILEE! Minister Rev. Candace Chellew-Hodge

Looking for God’s presence outside of ourselves is one of the favorite pastimes of we human beings. I had my own “Where is God?” moment at my mother’s bedside just a few days before she died earlier this month (in Dec. 2015).

As I watched this formidable and faithful woman, shriveled and helpless, trapped inside her naturally aging body, struggle through the final days of her illness, I asked, “Where are you God?” My mother, by all accounts of her faith, lived her life as rightly as she could. She stood by her family. She never drank, smoked and only cursed when her long fuse ran short. She sacrificed herself for her children and never once doubted that God would take care of her, even in the darkest days of her life.

And, this is her reward? To lie suffering in bed, spending her days either sleeping or crying? It seemed too cruel, like God had abandoned her — and me.